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True Bronies -Stamp- by SunlightStarry True Bronies -Stamp- by SunlightStarry
I'm not here to tell you what you can or cannot draw, just to inform bronies that homo relationships are not canon, and that we don't want you to force us to accept it into our groups. I don't hate anypony, so please don't hate anypony either :)


First off, there are no homosexual ponies in MLP:FiM. There are frequent heterosexual couples listed in MLP:FiM. Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Twilight's parents, Spike X Rarity, AJ's parents, Pinkie Pie's parents, Rarity's parents, and the latest coupling Big Mac X Cherilee!

Second, the majority of shipping seems to be homosexual ponies. This is not canon my fellow bronies, do not be deceived. This is a children's show! They have not featured homo ponies because this is meant for children. Homosexual is a sexual deviation, an abnormality, which is not appropriate for kids.

So why the stamp Sunlight? Well, quite frankly, I'm disgusted with many bronies who draw Rainbow Dash X Pinkie Pie, or Twilight X Princess Luna. Or for that matter, Princess Celestia X Princess Luna! Bottom-of-the-barrel bronies, stooping to homo incest. Grossed out yet? There's more.

If you make a group that doesn't allow sexual deviations, you will more than likely be trolled by users who want you to accept their sexual deviations. Their goal is to force you to accept it.

I made a group under the impression that many users have their works rejected from groups because of supposed "quality" reasons. The majority of these submissions that are rejected aren't for "quality" reasons though: it's the prejudice or jealous bronies in charge. You know how it is when your art is rejected for "it not being up to par". You feel like a part of your heart was carved out, since you put so much effort into your piece. It's frustrating, when hey, you're being creative and putting your best effort into your drawing! I understood that, and have experienced it from jerk bronies. You can see my story here: [link]

E-Qual-estria was made for everypony to enjoy the clean environment of MLP:FiM. E-Qual as in quality equality. It's not "equality" as in "everypony can post whatever they want", it's quality equality for equal submissions that follow our rules. It's not like we're going to allow rapes, murders, blood and gore, or sexual deviations. These things are not in MLP. It's a children's show!


Tl;dr, homosexual ponies aren't canon, so stop trying to force us to accept it.

"~True bronies don't ship homo ponies~"

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January 21, 2012
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